Brush up on the basics.

About Required Course readings

In order to have detailed and meaningful conversations throughout the seminar, the EOM faculty have carefully curated a list of required pre-readings for each session in the seminar. These pre-readings set the framework for each session and faculty may make references to these materials in discussions throughout the seminar. Not all sessions have required reading while there are some resources that are required but are not session specific. All participants are advised to carefully absorb each article or video and take some general notes so you can recall this content during the seminar. If you have trouble accessing any of the following resources through this site, please contact League staff and we will make them available to you. 

**Please note, in an effort to be environmentally friendly, the 2018 EOM seeks to reduce our paper waste by only providing these materials online. 

All participants are required to bring a laptop or tablet device in order to access readings or other materials and to take notes throughout the entire seminar. Technology will not be provided. 

Session Specific Required Reading

Opening Session and Welcome: Jesse Rosen

Diversity in Orchestras: Carmen Morgan and Michael Robertson

Mentoring Track

Finance and Sustainability: Faith Raiguel

Artistic Planning: Matthew Spivey

Orchestra Operations: Scott Faulkner and Dan Song

Musician’s Perspective Panel Discussion: Alex Laing, Scott Faulkner, Simone Porter, Meredith Snow

Development and Fundraising: Dan Coleman

Marketing and Communications: Simon Woods and Charlie Wade

Acquiring and Sustaining Audiences: Simon Woods,  Charlie Wade, Alan Brown

Leadership: Brent Assink

The Future of Orchestras: Tanya Kalmanovitch

Women in the Field: Jennifer Barlament

Changing Role of the Arts: Simon Woods

Education Programs: Phil Bravo and Elsje Kibler-Vermaas

  • Readings TBA soon. 

Orchestras in Public Policy: Najean Lee

Small Budget and Regional Orchestras: Scott Faulkner and Aubrey Bergauer

Intro to Negotiations and Collective Bargaining: Jennifer Barlament and Alex Laing

Organizational Culture: Simon Woods and Alex Laing

Twin Roles of Governance: Bruce Coppock and Reveta Bowers

Critical Listening: Simon Woods and Bruce Coppock

Artistic Leadership: Bruce Coppock

Vision and Strategy: Bruce Coppock

Operating Committee Exercise:

All participants must familiarize themselves with the following Operating Committee documents prior to the exercise. It is imperative to your success in this role-playing activity that you study these documents and carefully analyze their contents. 

Additional Resources by Track (non-Required)

*Where possible, online or digital copies of additional resources have been provided. Some suggested resources are simply listed here for your future reference. 

Organizational Sustainability

Civic Engagement

Artistic Vision and Execution

Personal Growth

Organizational Dynamics